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Fear In Witnessing

Fear In Witnessing

By ns101 on November 15, 2016

I have a friend named Rem. Rem and I were friends in college. We had this Bible Study on campus that we helped lead. I can remember praying with Rem before the start of each week. Those were good times. I can remember going down in the basement of a building on campus where we would talk about our lives and how we wanted to live them for God and we’d prayed pray for each other in all the many ways were screwing it up and needed the Gospel. We’d talk about and pray for each of our girlfriends, who eventual we both married. Those were good times.

After college, Rem went to Beirut, Lebanon, with his wife to tell people about Jesus. But first they had to go to Amman, Jordan to spend two years learning Arabic.

They’ve come back to the States now, but it was interesting talking to him about his time in Beirut and how, even a few years ago he commented how much of his ministry related to Syrian refugees there (Syria boarders Lebanon).

And I remember once talking to him about something related to the Christian faith, something fairly nuanced and definitely a very secondary matter. In other words, talking about the minutia.