Fresh Oils Ministries

The vision of Fresh Oils Ministries is to establish a community of believers to minister holistically in the community in which they live and serve, in order to experience and expand the Kingdom of God  here on earth.




Who Are We – We are Disciples of Christ

What We Believe—

We Believe in God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit.
The Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ
We believe in One Lord, One, Faith and One Baptism
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We believe that the Church is a Community of believers coming together, bringing and sharing our gifts to meet the need of that community in which we live and serve

We Minister in the areas of Social, Spiritual, Psychically and Emotionally To experience and to expand the Kingdom of God Here On Earth. (We believe in Holistic Ministry)

         Without Jesus and Community, there is no Church

It takes a community of believers to live out the vision of what God wants to happen here on earth —His Kingdom.



Partnership With:

Community Church Of St Luke

City Seminary of New York

The Walls –Ortiz Gallery and Center

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPSP)

Henry J Carter Nursing

GiGi Play House Home for Families of
Children with Down Syndrome

Time Square Church Feed NY Program